Thursday, 27 January 2011

Man Hunt

One hell of a great Italian action/ crime movie. In my humble opinion one of the best in it´s genre.

Sleeve is from the Dutch Video for pleasure release.

For more info: IMDb

Theatrical trailer:

Fan made trailer:

And a carchase from the movie which is typical for the Italian movies from that genre:

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Horror/ SF classic by Norman J. Warren. Some say it´s his best but better judge for yourself as it is a great movie and it should rather be watched then talk over too much.

The sleeve shown is the Dutch release on Video for pleasure.

For more info: IMDb



Nice 80´s horror movie about a nerdish depressive man who gets possessed by the spirit of a man, while trying to commit suicide, who was murdered by several people and is now on for revenge.
The use of loud music effects and light effects does most of the suspense but also some nice graphic FX is used to make this worth the while watching.
Very recommended for the fans of 80´s horror.

The sleeve is a Dutch release on Vestron Video International.

For more info on the movie go to: IMDb

Trailer for this movie:

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