Monday, 18 October 2010

The devil within her

A.k.a. 'Beyond the door'. Not to be confused with the Peter Sasdy one. Directed by Ovidio G. Assonitis and Robert Barrett. Country of origin Italy/ USA. Scan is of the UK pre-cert on Arcade Video. Year of production is 1974.



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  1. The Devil Within Her or Beyond the Door is memorable. The concept of Dimitri being suspended in time is profound. The opening of the movie where the Devil in a voiceover in a dark setting filled with candles is awesome. The music is awesome. Dimitri and Jessica are present in a Satanic ritual. One of the most memorable scenes is when the childrens dolls and toys come to life. Little Ken talks to an imaginary friend. This scene is reminsicent of the little girl interacting with Jodie the pig in the Amityville Horror several years later. There is a sense of helplessness and vulnerability in this movie. Theres an interesting conversation about the supernatural between the family doctor and a strange woman who lives in a boathouse. A remake to the original Beyond the Door has been made by Dario Cioni and will come out anyday. The remake was made in Chicago and Thailand while the original 1974 Beyond the Door was made in San Francisco and Rome. The music by Franco Micalizzi in the original 1974 movie is awesome.The Devil Within Her or Beyond the Door shows that the Devil and demons are real and that people are largely powerless and helpless against them. This movie illustrates that the Devil rules this world and not a loving God. God is weak silent or absent in this movie as in real life. Beyond the Door has alot of music in it and has a big soundtrack by Franco Micalizzi. Beyond the Door is unforgettable.

  2. The remake to the original Beyond the Door has been made and will be shown November 2014 according to a youtube trailer. The director for this remake is David S. Goyer. Another source shows a picture of the remake and says Dario Cioni is director. The trailer shows a repulsive demonic monster crawling and a demon possessed girl crawling like a spider or crab and terrorizing people at a hospital. This remake is significantly different from the original 1974 movie. In this remake a woman is attacked and impregnated by a repulsive demonic monster and gives birth to a girl who eventually grows up and becomes demon possessed. In the original 1974 movie its the adult woman or mother who is demon possessed, the demon isnt shown, and the demonic baby dies at birth or is stillborn. I have only seen the short trailer to this remake. I think the original movie is better.